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Turkish Program

Online Classes

Learning Turkish is a must if you are planning to study at one of the top ranked Turkish Universities or move to Turkey. Knowing the language can help you explore a fascinating culture and make connections.

Become a part of Egyptian American Center’s online Turkish courses to learn in an engaging environment from the comfort of your home and network with peers from all over the world, while practicing the Turkish language.

Why join our Turkish lessons:

  1. We cover all levels from beginner to advanced and the courses focus on covering all the aspects of the Turkish language (reading, writing, listening & conversation).

  2. We provide intensive classes for each level, so that students can achieve each level in 35 hours and lasts for 6 weeks.

  3. The online Turkish courses are delivered via our virtual campus, which means that students attend weekly live interactive classes through Zoom software so they can meet lively teachers and peers.

  4. All classes are delivered in the evening, as we put into consideration the busy learners, but we also provide private classes to suit everyone and take into account the time differences for our international students from different countries.

  5. EACC has a strong team of native Turkish teachers, who are specialized in teaching Turkish as a second language. Our teachers are multilingual as they speak: English, Arabic, Farsi and German in order to better facilitate communication with learners.

  6. All the live Turkish classes will be recorded and sent to participants, so they can revise the lesson content or catch up if they missed any classes.

  7. Students receive a certificate of achievement after being graded, as there is a final exam after completing each level.

  8. We qualify students to improve their linguistic skills and enable them to take the governmental Turkish exam ‘ TÖMER’.

  9. We provide the service of booking the ‘ TÖMER’ exam and shipping the certificate for any destination all over the world.

  10. Our online Turkish courses will expand learners’ borders as they will be meeting peers from all over the world.



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